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This page remains under construction.  SRVUSD's record of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and sometimes malfeasance over the years is an extensive one, so there is much work to be done in compiling and then posting segments of that record.   An ARCHIVE of numerous SRVUSD scandals over the last 30 years or more is intended for eventual addition here.

The Nicholas Moseby arrest and long-delayed trial is one of the two most recent cases of  sexual abuse by SRVUSD personnel.  Originally arrested in September of 2022, Moseby was finally due to be tried in November, 2023.  But that trial was moved to March of this year.  Now it's been moved to June.    

One naturally wonders:  did SRVUSD influence behind the scenes get the date changed to avoid adverse publicity just weeks before the District's dual parcel-tax measures are on the ballot?

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