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This page remains under construction.  SRVUSD's record of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and sometimes malfeasance over the years is an extensive one, so there is much work to be done in compiling and then posting segments of that record.  The SRVEA teacher union, an affiliate  of the radical California Teachers Association and of the National Education Association, has been one of the District's major problems over the last three decades....

After a nasty series of teacher strikes in 1989-90, and then a recall election of Board members, the San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA) gained effective background control of the Board and the District.   SRVEA was named winner of the California Teachers Association's "Joyce Fadem Chapter in Politics Award."  Much more will be added here regarding the union's politics and its effect on SRVUSD.

"I put forward this new idea: popular schooling should be placed under the control of the great workers’ unions. The problem of education is the most important class problem."  — Communist Antonio Gramsci

Problems (Tweets during 2011-2014) with SRVEA's endorsed and heavily funded candidate for an open SRVUSD School Board seat in the November 8, 2022 election were shown and discussed in THE ENGINE OF MATT TODD podcast.

SRVUSD teachers and classified employees who realize that it's time to leave your unions and their radical agendas can read about their rights here and here and receive legal assistance if necessary here.

OF ADDITIONAL INTEREST:  Outgoing SRVUSD School Board member Ken Mintz and current Board member Laura Bratt both joined the SRVEA Teacher Union in endorsing this same candidate, Jerome Pandell.  Those endorsements still appeared on the candidate's campaign website more than a month after election day:   

Bratt's endorsement included her own enthusiastic text:  

Other Pandell endorsers (who appear / appeared at included:

  • Joan Buchanan, former SRVUSD School Board member, later an Assemblywoman

  • Tom Torlakson, former Board of Supervisors member, later State Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Tony Thurmond, current State Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Eric Swalwell, Congressman

  • Sarah Butler, President of the Contra Costa County Board of Education

  • Lynn Mackey, Contra Costa County Board of Education Superintendent

  • Andy Li and Rebecca Barrett, Contra Costa Community College District Trustees

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