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A Major Scandal at the End of SRVUSD's 2021-2022 School Year
The District's overtly racist "anti-racism" scheme led to defamation of innocent girls.

In late May, SRVUSD Supt. John Malloy issued a deceptive letter,5.23.22 Racist Incident,in which he amplified a false narrative that had slandered  members of the Cal High Cheer/Stunt Team. Their parents' attorneys issued an 18-page cease-and-desist letter to Malloy, laying out the facts:

1. 6 of 7 black girls, among 107 overall trying out for the team, made it. The mother of the black girl not selected complained, and rejected coaches' explanation of selection criteria and scores.  The  disgruntled mother allegedly then created a May 20 social media post, referring falsely to an



The mannequin-head mascot (in an underlying photo of a team member holding it) had been tinted dark brown, was described falsely as “BLACK,” and was said to be named “Kareem.”  The fabricated social media post "went viral" in the Bay Area and then around the country.


In reality, the cosmetician mannequin's skin tone was tan, and the head was inscribed with the name “Karine." It was used by the girls for trial hair styles, had also been a 5-year good-luck team avatar, and had appeared regularly in the Cal High yearbook, without complaint by administrators, teachers, other students, or parents.

2. After widespread, still falsified reposting in local and national social media, Stunt-Team members awoke on Saturday, May 21 to death threats, "doxing," and accusations of being racists.  
Seeking to correct the record, Stunt-Team families and coaches immediately informed SRVUSD authorities about the fabricated posting and its terrifying effects for the Cal High girls who'd been targeted.

3. Instead, Malloy published his defamatory "5.23.22 Cal High Racist Incident" letter on Monday, May 23, saying the mascot created “hurtful racist impact,” with a “hateful and hurtful image.”  But it was the fabricated social media post which had done that.

4. Cheer families & coaches sought a full investigation that would “corroborate and vindicate the Cheer [Stunt] Team.” But Malloy refused, saying that he already had all the facts.   Stunt-Team members continued being jeered and threatened, especially at schoolThe resulting scandal was reported in various Bay Area news outletsKTVU carried one of the reports.

One Stunt-Team member's mother had a comprehensive discussion with podcaster Matt Todd on June 3rd, 2021 regarding Malloy's behavior, further exposing his cynically irresponsible treatment of the falsified social media post.  That same discussion later also highlighted how colossally negligent the SRVUSD School Board was in retaining Malloy (indeed, extending his contract to 2025) just three weeks after he'd defamed the Team.   




The June 7 SRVUSD Board meeting showed that Malloy apparently regarded the Cheer/Stunt Team as collateral damage in pushing SRVUSD’s cynically  counterproductive, overtly racist “anti-racism” program, now seeking to fund 15 "Equity Liaisons." [An example of the the District's bizarre and twisted "anti-racism" program is its adoption (as a textbook) of This Book Is Anti-Racist.  (No, it’s not. It capitalizes all racial characterizations but white, and its author says “Being racist against white people is not a thing.  So, I can have a prejudice against white people.”)]

The provocateurs in the mannequin-head incident were Malloy and his SRVUSD gang, not teenage girls at Cal High.  Malloy's "5.23.22 Racist Incident" letter pledged to "make sure all our schools are safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments for every child, family and staff member."  Instead, he had helped to make Cal High unsafe, unwelcoming, and dangerous for Cheer/Stunt Team members

Much can be learned by viewing relevant portions of the June 7, 2022 SRVUSD Board meeting. Scroll initially for example, to :08:53, :16:40, and :20:08.  Beginning then at :50:56, Mr. Malloy began an attempted, ham-handed defense of his actions and inactions in what he had himself called the Cal High "racist incident."  

The SRVUSD Board had tried (but failed) to roll complaints about Malloy’s maltreatment of the Cal High Cheer/Stunt Team to much later in the evening, when Malloy would be seeking to filibuster for Board approval of extending his grossly distorted “Equity” program, thereby further to expand the District's balkanizing “white supremacy,” “systemic racism” and “oppressor/victim” propaganda.  (Moving speakers with unwelcome messages to late in the meeting is a classic school-board tactic.)

Malloy’s “Next Steps for the Equity Action Plan for 2022-23” finally did come up nearly two hours into the meeting.  Multiple speakers again criticized Malloy’s slanderous characterizations of the Cheer Team’s mannequin head, including those at the 1:55:28, 1:58:382:09:54, and 2:28:54 marks.   The District's PTA Inclusion Chairwoman, spoke (2:19:45) about actual racist incidents, but muddied things somewhat further by conflating those with the falsified Stunt-Team controversy.


As before, Malloy’s second bob-and-weave response (2:44:56) still avoided any mention of the fabricated social media post and poster which/who initiated the controversy, further angering those his letter had slandered.  The Board then approved hiring of the 15 "Equity Liaisons," at annual cost of $1.875 million.  To many, it appeared that Malloy had leveraged the mannequin-head controversy he'd amplified to help push those hires.


For calendar 2021, Malloy's base salary was $340,792.  Other pay ($2,920) and benefits ($49,680) brought Malloy's total 2021 SRVUSD compensation to $393,392.  Since we're on the subject, readers may be interested in seeing other other calendar 2021 SRVUSD salaries and benefits, as posted by Transparent California.  


Parents of the slandered Cal High reported that Cal High Principal Megan Keefer had apologized to them and to Stunt Team members for having to support the District's misdirected placement of blame for the incident, in her own letter.   On June 15, Mrs. Keefer resigned her principalship, and informed her Cal High community, in a new letter, that she expected to return to teaching English.  Unlike Mr. Malloy, Mrs. Keefer appears to be acting honorably.  She seems as well to be yet another collateral-damage victim of Malloy's "anti-racist" maneuvers. 

On June 17, Danville San Ramon News (online) reported on Mrs. Keefer's resignation, including an embedded copy of the Dhillon Law Group letter which reviewed SRVUSD's and Mr. Malloy's irresponsibility.  Some of the comments following that report indicate that those who submitted them either did not read the Dhillon report or simply did not want to be confused by the troubling facts of this SRVUSD / Malloy scandal.  


Genuine racism is derogating — or expecting better or worse behavior/performance by — some individuals based merely upon their race.  It amounts often to what one president called "the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Telling white and Asian children that they're supremacist oppressors while blacks are all victims, and establishing double standards of behavior with differential rewards and penalties, are themselves racist acts in which schools routinely engage these days.

Excusing or obscuring the culpability of the person who fabricated the false, toxic, and genuinely racist mannequin-head original social media post — and then, as Supt. Malloy did (in “Cal High Racist Incident 5.23.22”), falsely shifting blame to Cheer/Stunt-Team members for “racist impact” with a “hateful and hurtful image”— exemplifies such reverse racism.

Disparaging whites and Asians while infantilizing blacks causes MORE isolation, cynical race-hustler opportunism, and a further coarsening and dividing of society.

Post-Script, February 22, 2024:  SRVUSD announces that Mr. Malloy will be leaving, to become an "assistant executive director" of the American Association of School Administrators.   With the four-member Board majority supporters of DEI, overtly racist "anti-racism," and pornography in high school libraries and now classrooms — it remains to be seen whether a new superintendent will be any better than Malloy.

 John Malloy

Mr. Malloy's "Cal High Racist Incident 5.23.22" posting said he and his crew had implemented their “Response to Discrimination and Hate process.   Their related Handbook (Page 5) advises, “Don’t let misinformation take root in the school or community.”  Thereby, "Each new communication” — including “comments at meetings and school gatherings” — should be used to “correct information and reiterate facts."  Oh, and "Do not jump to conclusions.  If you are hasty, you may spread misinformation yourself."

So, what's a school board to do when its superintendent so visibly and audibly violates his own protocols?  Why, add another year to his lucrative contract!   That's precisely what the SRVUSD Board did on June 14, extending Malloy's contract now until 2025.

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