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Expositor [ek-spoz'-i-tor]:  a noun form of the verb expose — thereby, a person or a mechanism who/which lays out something for public view, explaining it or expounding upon it.  Here, the focus of attention will be the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD), to include its policies, its programs, and its practices.

SRVUSD has major problems in its administrative leadership, its activist staff personnel, its curricular choices, and some of its school-day activities. School priorities should be the teaching and learning of knowledge and skills. But here, as in so many other school districts across the country, the priority is too often indoctrination instead.

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June 2024:  Zachor Legal filed a Public Records Act request for SRVUSD's Course Description of what has become its left-wing "Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies" curriculumParents Defending Education posted it on June 5, 2024

It proves the use of Critical Race Theory:  An Introduction as part of this leftist curriculum.
This web page includes a download link for the entire 18-page syllabus in PDF form for this subversive course and all seven pages of its "Course Materials" listing.

To understand the difference between Constructive Equity Studies and "Liberated" (Marxist) version favored by SRVUSD's radicals: see the helpful table posted by the Alliance for Constructive Equity StudiesSee also the Alliance's "Summary of Concerns and Recommendations."

SRVUSD's shameful record of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and sometimes mal-feasance over the years is extensive, and the effort to compile and post segments of that record continues.  As an example of the kind of content being collected and archived, see a story from this site's Scandals page, regarding former Supt. Malloy's indefensible role in slandering members of the Cal High Cheer-Stunt Team in May, 2022.   

And now, see the alarmingly poor CAASPP testing results, most recently for 2023-2024.


"Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children.   In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity."  Thomas Sowell

Table of Contents

Demographics:  SRVUSD, preoccupied with racial designations, identifies 65% of its students as “people of color.”  Of those, two-thirds are of Asian extraction.  And they are the District’s highest achieving students! 

Personnel:  With far fewer administrator and teacher employment days per year than most workers across the U.S. and extensive benefits  SRVUSD administrators  and teachers are very well compensated indeed.

Other Scandals:  From the drowning of a student in P.E. swimming class, to concentrated defamation of another student, to Supt. Malloy’s amplifying of a false social media post to slander Cal High Stunt Team members, to the grossly irresponsible hiring and placement of a sex offender, to pornography in high school libraries...,  SRVUSD is covered up in scandal. 

SRVEA-CTA-NEA:  Radical teacher-union puppeteers pull SRVUSD strings, with a perverse philosophy articulated by CTA in 1984: “Who dares take on religion, free enterprise, patriotism, and motherhood?  We do — and we must!”

More:  A tip-page mechanism for parents to report on inappropriate SRVUSD policies, programs, and practices is intended for addition.

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